Leading sectors of fittings: Construction, automotive and white goods

Construction Sector

Construction sector is not only one of the leading sectors of Turkish economy but also the flagship of fittings sector... Tens of unique connections are manufactured for door and window systems of construction sector are connected to each other to keep machines of Reform Civata running. It generates major moves with small but strong connections for each major project.

Its high capacity, expertise and experienced staff are the major strengths of Reform Cıvata. Achieving great success with high quantity works it has realized in a short time in a number of projects, Reform Cıvata follows the innovations in technology with great attention. Breaking new grounds in export with EU countries being in particular without being dependent only on the domestic market in the sector is among its priority objectives.


Reform Cıvata aims to achieve innovations to satisfy the demand for fittings in automotive sector with its new plant it is planning to move in and the brand new machinery. Aiming to commence production of varieties and qualities which will make the sector stronger in international competition through reorganization, it also aims to bring the relationship between automotive and fittings to a further point through R&D efforts. Reform Cıvata will make its name spelled more in international competition with its innovations, highly qualified workforce, machinery park and production capacity.

White Goods

Featuring indispensable items for every household, white goods is one of the leading production fields of the fittings sector. Reform Cıvata wants to become a significant fittings manufacturer in the sector where major brands from the foreign market operate in addition to the domestic players of the highly competitive national market.

Holding a position which allows it to compete in the world markets easily in terms of technology and quality, Reform Cıvata aims to transfer its competitive strength also to the white goods sector through specialization and differentiation with specialty products. Not considering the presence of Far East brands which work with low costs in the sector as a threat, Reform Cıvata considers Far East as a good and inexpensive resource for supply of investment instruments and desires to feature its strength in price competition in addition to its quality.